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AZKIARAY is a Franco-Iranian visual artist, photographer and musician.

He made his first photos at the age of 14, thanks to the love of his father and his brother for photography among other things. At the same time, he discovered poetry with the works of Roumi, Khayyam, Nima, Forough, Sepehri (and later with the works of V. Hugo, P. Eluard and R. Tagor). He also learned Persian art music with the grand master MR Lotfi. After his baccalaureate, while he prepares his entrance to the school of fine arts in Tehran, the new reactionary government ,  closes, in general indignation, all the higher establishments _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_for 3 years!!! It was then that he left to settle in France.

There, he obtained a degree in plastic arts and photographic image and a master's degree in contemporary art. In his musical practice, he discovers jazz and blues, which mark him deeply.

He works as an assistant photographer at the Clap studio, at the ELLE studio and with Reza (renowned photographer for National Geographic magazine).

He has exhibited in France, Germany and the United States. Some of his photos are preserved in the archives of the National Library of France. In his language of photography we can distinguish a modern, poetic and transcendent writing, while remaining very close to the reality of life in all its splendor and simplicity. .


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