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Biography in English

A.Z. Kiaray is a french iranien visual contemporary artist, photographer and musician. He was born in 1961. His father’s and brother's love for photography inspired him from an early âge  so much so that he began to immense himself in the dynamic world of photography while only 14 years old. He study also at that time persian classical music with famous master M.R. Lotfi and he worked as a journalist and writer for several years, but his love of the photographic art motivated him to undertake advanced study in the field. Universities in Iran had closed at the time in the wake of political upheaval, so he elected to pursue his studies abroad. He moved to France, commencing his studies in art at Nice University. Upon completing his training there, he continued his education at the School of Fine Arts in Paris University VIII, where he studied photography and contemporary art. He subsequently gained experience in his field, working as an assistant photographer in renowned studios such as Clap, Elle, and Mediacom. He also collaborated with Reza Deghatti, famous  photographer for National Geographic Magazine who is based in Paris. He has several exhibitions in numerous countries, among them France, Germany and United States. His photographs are included among the permanent exhibitions in the National Library of France, in Paris.


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